Buying and selling local home grown produce

Urban Orchards is an interactive online marketplace to buy or sell any fruit, vegetables, herbs or other fresh produce grown in your garden to local businesses and families. We want to localize horticulture to reduce environmental impacts of storing, shipping and refrigerating produce grown on the other side of the country or overseas. We recognize that nothing is better than fresh home-grown food, and that many people have so much that it ends up rotting on the ground, so we aim to bridge the gap between growers and buyers.

Whether it is the old lemon tree you hardly touch, the feijoa tree that produces so much you can hardly give it all away, the rosemary bush or bay leave tree you want to keep tidy and make a bit of money from, your prized super-hot chillies, or the loaded pumpkin vine that you don’t know what to do with. Even exotic things like choko, loquat, Vietnamese mint may have a market.


For buying produce: Know where the produce you are using was grown, how many hands it has passed through and who grew it. 

For selling produce: Hear back about where your home-grown fruit, veges and herbs end up. Knowing that your lemons ended up in the cheesecake down at your local cafe is pretty special!

Help save the world

Fruit and vegetables are grown in mass produced mono-culture orchards across the country. They are harvested and stored in cool rooms consuming large amounts of energy, then transported by truck or boat to your city. Meanwhile, huge amounts of fresh produce are going to waste in your own neighbours’ yards. Let’s bring everything local again and make an impact.

Meet the founder

Hi, I’m Nelson, the Founder and CEO of Urban Orchards. Gardening has always been a passion of mine, and I have spent years in peoples back yards helping them with tidying up their yards, trimming hedges and landscaping. During this time, I always found there was an overwhelming amount of fruit left rotting on the ground, which they and their friends and families were not able to chew through.

This was where my idea for Urban Orchards came from. I then turned this idea into a reality when I entered the 2020 Massey E-centers Grand Ideas competition, where Urban Orchards took out 3rd place!

I am very passionate about reducing waste in the world, and so this is my way of trying to make big changes. Following the likes of my idols Ray Avery, Steve Jobs and Pic Picot I am a dreamer, a crazy one, a wild thinker who believes limits and boundaries are just suggestions and not hard facts. Help me to make these dreams come true and show your support by joining the Urban Orchards movement and let’s bring fresh food local!