Lettuce save the planet

Here at Urban Orchards, we are not just passionate about providing communities with fresh, locally grown produce, we are also aware of the importance to the planet of bringing fresh food local again. 

One-third of our planet’s food is wasted. This is 1.3 billion tonnes of perfectly good food that is never eaten. This isn’t just a problem seen worldwide but is also one seen here in NZ on our very own back doorstep. Love food hate waste found that New Zealand households are throwing away 157,389 tonnes of food each year, this is the equivalent to 271 jumbo jets of food! This is only the waste we can see, with no one knowing the total amount of food wasted across the entire supply chain. This is a huge issue not only for our country, but the world. With our current food waste being enough to provide for the entire city of Dunedin for 3 years, whilst 1 in 5 kiwi kids are living in material hardship, resulting in serious restrictions on the ability to purchase and consume fresh fruits and vegetables, it doesn’t seem like a sustainable way for our country to be living. 

In New Zealand our beloved fruits and vegetables are one of the things we are worst at wasting! Nearly one-third of the food Kiwis waste is fruits and veggies often because we struggle to eat them at their prime. We also throw away a lot of vegetable scraps such as potato peelings, pumpkin skins and broccoli stalks, despite them all being able to be eaten or chucked into your compost bin instead of thrown into the trash! If you’re stuck on ideas on how to use your fruit and veggie scraps check out some of our recommended recipes for candied citrus peels and cauliflower pizza bases

Don’t fret! It is not all bad news (thank goodness) a survey has been done which found a whopping 86% of Kiwis believe that wasting food is wrong. Lucky for you guys Urban Orchards is here to lend you a helping hand and make it easier for Kiwis to stop wasting food! Urban Orchards will act as a middle man, making it easier for local cafes, restaurants and families to access fresh, locally grown produce. This will help get food off the ground and into our bellies, helping to reduce food waste and feed more Kiwis nutritious delicious food!

If you’re keen to be a part of the Urban Orchard’s revolution you can sign up here to receive regular updates alongside being able to buy and sell homegrown produce! 

Happy growing, 

Nelson and the Urban Orchards team.