Buy and Sell

This is a place to buy and sell fresh produce grown in your own back yard to local families and businesses. If you have fruit trees, fresh herbs or extra veges in your garden, you can sell them here the day you pick them. 

Lemons, feijoas, nectarines, loquat, pumpkin, rosemary, bay leaves, nasturtium … anything you grow!

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How to use the Urban Orchards marketplace

Welcome to the first beta version of the Urban Orchards marketplace, where you can buy and sell homegrown, fresh, spray-free produce!

1. Find the produce you need, 2. Ask the grower if it is available, 3. Place your order, 4. Receive or pick up your produce and enjoy!

To sell your produce there is one extra step. Just click “become a vendor”, which can be found on your My account page. Then link your Stripe account to your Urban Orchards account in your Dashboard.

For more information click here Help & FAQ – Urban Orchards

Please do not hesitate to contact the Urban Orchards team if you need any help or want to know more!!


For buying produce: Know where the produce you are using was grown, how many hands it has passed through and who grew it. 

For selling produce: Hear back about where your home grown fruit, veges and herbs end up. Knowing that your lemons ended up in the cheesecake down at your local cafe is pretty special!

Help save the world

Fruit and vegetables are grown in mass produced mono-culture orchards across the country. They are harvested and stored in cool rooms consuming large amounts of energy, then transported by truck or boat to your city. Meanwhile, huge amounts of fresh produce are going to waste in your own neighbors yards. Lets bring everything local again and make an impact.